Wind In The Willows

by Kenneth Grahame (adapted by Alan Bennett)

25 Aug - 4 Sep 2010

Wind In the Willows Poster      
Adapted by noted playright Alan Bennett for the National Theatre, London, this is a “grownups” version of the world-famous tale. All those beloved characters are there: Toad, Ratty, Badger, Mole, the Weasels, Albert the horse, washerwoman, the jailer’s daughter, and various Wild Wooders. Toad, as always, is pursuing his craze for every increasing speed in a variety of conveyances – from punt to gypsy caravan to the lastest motorcar, all of which he manages to crash. And the Weasels, as always, take over Toad Hall when Toad is jailed for traffic offences – and our heroes are led into the great Battle of Toad Hall Dining Room by the indefatigable Badger. Set in the 1920s with a jazz-swing leaning, this play with music is suitable for school-children to senior citizens.
Mole Naomi Walbran
Ratty Craig Haywood
Toad Sue Mortimer
Badger Maryanne Pointer
Otter Fiona McLeod
Portly Aimee Smith
Albert the Horse Peter Clark
Hedgehogs Ziggy Stiles, Nate Holland-Kearins
Squirrels Fiona Popert, Kiri Koning
Field Mice Fiona McLeod, Elise Pallesen, Peter Clark
The Wild Wooders
Chief Weasel Katy Martley
Weasel Norman Stephanie Drew
Weasel Cyril Peter Drew
Weasel Wilfred Aimee Smith
Fox Elise Pallesen
Sergeant Fred Fiona Popert
Stoat Gerard Kiri Koning
The Wide Worlders
Car salesman, Policeman Ziggy Stiles
Gypsy, Motorist Nate Holland-Kearins
Magistrate, Train Driver Peter Clark
Court clerk, Washerwoman Fiona Popert
Gaoler’s daughter Elise Pattesen
Bargewoman, Motorist Fiona McLeod
The Backstagers
Director and Designer Ross Miller
Stage Manager Genevieve Drake
Lights Gayle Carmichael
Sound Cathrine West
Wardrobe Sue Miller, helped by Kythie Morris and Connie Palmer
Prompt Sally Ratchford
Front of House Wendy Leary
Set Jeff Koning
Poster Artwork Cliff Thomas
Vocal Coach Judy McKoy
Hairstylist Janet Meyler


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