Salad Days

by Dorothy Reynolds, Julian Slade

26 March - 5 April 1986

Salad Days Poster      

Newly acquired BA gowns hang heavy on the shoulders of Jane and Timothy. Having got this far, what on earth do they do next? They could get married, of course (so they do), but how can they make a living? In a London park one warm summer day they encounter a tramp who trundles round a mobile mini-piano. Even tramps need a holiday now and then, and he invites the young graduates to look after his business for a month, at 7 pounds per week plus whatever they can collect. The piano is not just any old mobile mini; those who hear it find themselves dancing, even against their better judgment.

Timothy Ross Miller
Jane Diane Hughes
Timothy's father, Fosdyke, Tom Smith, Uncle Zed Denis Savin
Timothy's mother Maureen Aitken
Aunt Pru Sheila Hawkins
Tramp, Archdeacon, Inspector Ramsay Newton
Lady Raeburn Nancy Krinkel
Heloise Sandy Hastings
Assistant Hairdresser, Fiona Janine Edwards
Manicurist, Asphynxia Judith kelly
Constable Boot, Electrode Dave Cathro
Rowena Lucie-Jane McElwee
Troppo Joe Conway
Uncle Clam, Manager of "Cleopatra" John Joliff
Nigel Kevin Day
Mr Williams, Ambrose John Govier
Pianist Pip Newton
Percussionist Greg Sitters
Bassist Brian Ketley
Director Sue Miller
Musical Director Greg Sitters
Choreographer Diane Hughes
Wardrobe Judy Wilce, Kythie Morris
Stage Crew Pat Liddell, Ian Wilson
Props Lucy Conway
Lighting Bronwyn Cathro
Prompt Joanne Brown
Sound Donna Black
Set Design John Joliff
Set Construction Pat Liddell, Robert Bryson, Peter Manderson, Ian Wilson, Ross Miller, Sue Miller, Lucy Conway
House Manager George Christie
Poster Design Brian Caldwell
Publicity Maureen Aitken
Photographer Geoff Marshall

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