The Playboy Of The Western World

by J.M. Synge

13-23 May 1992




On the west coast of County Mayo Christy Mahon stumbles into Flaherty's tavern. There he claims that he is on the run because he killed his own father by driving a loy into his head. Flaherty praises Christy for his boldness, and Flaherty's daughter (and the barmaid), Pegeen, falls in love with Christy, to the dismay of her betrothed, Shawn. Because of the novelty of Christy's exploits and the skill with which he tells his own story, he becomes something of a town hero. Many other women also become attracted to him, including the Widow Quinn, who tries unsuccessfully to seduce Christy at Shawn's behest. Christy also impresses the village women by his victory in a donkey race, using the slowest beast.

Eventually Christy's father, Mahon, who was only wounded, tracks him to the tavern. When the townsfolk realize that Christy's father is alive, everyone (including Pegeen) shuns him as a liar and a coward. In order to regain Pegeen's love and the respect of the town, Christy attacks his father a second time. This time it seems that Old Mahon really is dead, but instead of praising Christy, the townspeople, led by Pegeen, bind and prepare to hang him to avoid being implicated as accessories to his crime. Christy's life is saved when his father, beaten and bloodied, crawls back onto the scene, having improbably survived his son's second attack. As Christy and his father leave to wander the world, Shawn suggests he and Pegeen get married soon, but she spurns him. Pegeen then laments betraying and losing Christy, The Playboy of the Western World.

The Fiddler Martin Rosevear
Margaret Flaherty (Pegeen) Gaby Stevenson
Shawn Keogh Mike Lyons
Michael James Flaherty Tony Tait
Philly Cullen Jim Friel
Jimmy Farrell Philip Quin
Christy Mahon Andrew Thomson
Widow Quin Germana Nicklin
Sara Tansey Paula Watson
Susan Brady Barbara Woods
Honor Blake Antonia Allum
Nelly McLaughlin Vanessa Caradus
Old Mahon Dougal Stevenson
Director Barbara Heath
Stage Manager Bernard Holmes
Assistant Stage Manager Andrew Watson
Wardrobe Sue Miller
Props Caroline Stevenson & Julia Tait
Lighting Pat Liddell
Prompt Val Ambrose
Set Design Barbara & Eric Heath
Front of House Veronica Allum
House Manager Julia Tait
Posters/Programme Eric Heath
Publicity Maureen Aitken, John Govier, Cheryl Shoesmith
Bookings Judy Wilce
Photos Geoff Marshall

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