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14 June - 24 June 2017 Social Climbers Patricia Knight
29 March - 8 April 2017 Pride and Prejudice Sue Miller
9 - 19 November 2016 Death by Fatal Murder Bruce Cannell
24 August - 3 September 2016 Blue Remembered Hills Sue Mortimer
15 - 25 June 2016 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Andrew Watson
6 - 16 April 2016 UnderMilkWood Maureen Aitken
18 - 28 November SeasonsGreetings Sue Mortimer
2 - 12 September Misconceptions Damian Reid
24 June - 4 July The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth Sue Mortimer
15 - 25 Apr Once on Chunuk Bair Paulette McIndoe
26 Nov - 6 Dec Ugly Customers Gary Hollier
24 Sept - 4 Oct Martha Josie and the Chinese Elvis Maureen Aitken
9 - 19 July Secondary Cause of Death Stephanie Drew
16 April-3 May Alice Sue Mortimer and Stephanie Drew
3 July - 13 July The Old People are Revolting Stephanie Drew
25 April-4 May Cinderella a Pantomime Sue Mortimer and Stephanie Drew
31 Oct-10 Nov The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle Sue Mortimer
23 Aug-1 Sep Third Week In August Stephanie Drew
20-30 June Humble Boy Maureen Aitken
27 Oct - 12 Nov My Husband's Nuts Stephanie Drew
22 Jun-2 Jul The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Production of A Christmas Carol Sue Mortimer
6-16 Apr Men At Arms Tony Tait
1-11 Dec Four Flat Whites in Italy Maureen Aitken
25 Aug-4 Sep Wind In The Willows Ross Miller
23 Jun-3 Jul Imaginary Lines Stephanie Drew
14-24 Apr Steel Magnolias Pat Knight
18-28 Nov Mrs Shakespeare, The Poet’s Wife Sue Miller
17-27 Jun Lettice and Lovage Maureen Aitken
25 Mar-4 Apr Anton In Show Business Ross Miller
19-22 Nov Triple Treat: A Dog's Life & Alternative Accommodation (and musical entertainment). Stephanie Drew
16-26 Jul Mum’s Choir Maureen Aitken
2-12 Apr Taking Off Pat Knight
5-15 Sep The Norman Conquests: Living Together Maureen Aitken
22-30 Jun The French Lieutenant’s Woman Ross Miller
21-31 Mar Belles Sue Miller
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21 Jun-1 Jul The Norman Conquests: Table Manners Maureen Aitken
29 Mar-8 Apr A Piece of My Heart Sue Miller
23 Nov-5 Dec Wyrd Sisters Tony Tait
Sep The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden Maureen Aitken
11-21 May Ladyhouse Blues Ross Miller
17-27 Nov Ladies Who Lunch Ross Miller
8-18 Sep Ancient Lights Maureen Aitken
16-26 Jun Travels With My Aunt Sue Miller
17-27 Mar Playhouse Creatures Paddy Stevens
19-29 Nov Til The Boys Come Home Ross Miller
6-16 Aug The Dresser Maureen Aitken
2-12 Apr Over the River and Through the Woods Sue Miller
13-23 Nov Guards! Guards! Tony Tait
19-29 Jun The Memory of Water Pat Knight
10-20 Apr The Clink Ross Miller
21 Nov-1 Dec Fallen Angels Pat Knight
Aug The Shakespeare Revue Sue Miller
9-19 May  Arcadia Maureen Aitken
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22 Nov-2 Dec Yes Virginia – There is a Santa Claus Veronica Allum, Pam Lockwood
2-12 Aug  Some Canterbury Tales Ross Miller
26 Apr  Noel And Gertie Maureen Aitken
22 Sep-2 Oct 84 Charing Cross Road Sue Miller
7-17 Jul Under Milk Wood Maureen Aitken
21 Apr-1 May Les Liaisons Dangereuses Ross Miller
18-28 Nov The Railway Children Tony Tait
July Hercules – The Panto Maureen Aitken
18-28 Mar Scandal! Paddy Stevens
19-29 Nov Cider With Rosie Sue Miller
20-30 Aug Benefactors Paddy Stevens
18-29 Jun Educating Rita Maureen Aitken
2-12 Apr The Hostage Ross Miller
20-30 Nov Alhambra Tony Tait
20-21 Sep Burlesque Caroline Stevenson
3-13 Jul The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Any More Maureen Aitken
10-20 Apr Time of My Life Sue Miller
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23 Nov-3 Dec  Cinderella Veronica Allum
23 Aug-2 Sep  Once A Catholic Ross Miller
7-17 Jun A Month of Sundays Maureen Aitken
23 Nov-3 Dec  Joyful and Triumphant Sue Miller
14-24 Sep  The Importance of Being Earnest Barbara Heath
29-30 Jul Burlesque Caroline Stevenson
6-16 Jul Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Maureen Aitken
20-30 Apr Richard’s Cork Leg Ross Miller
25 Nov-4 Dec  Treasure Island Veronica Allum
15-25 Sep Domestic Tragedy: A Farce Barbara Heath
30 Jun-10 Jul Blood of the Lamb Maureen Aitken
14-24 Apr Old Time Music Hall Sue Miller
26 Nov-5 Dec Partners in Crime, 2 one-act plays:  
  - Secrets Pat Liddell
  - Dock Brief Veronica Allum
19-29 Aug  Jones And Jones Maureen Aitken
13-23 May  The Playboy of the Western World Barbara Heath
6-15 Mar A Little Bit of Everything June Christie, Kevin Day
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27 Nov-7 Dec  Tom Foolery Sue Miller
11-21 Sep  Wednesday To Come John Jolliff
2-3 Aug Mana Burlesque Caroline Stevenson
26 Jun-6 Jul  The Senigallian’s Spring Maureen Aitken
10-20 Apr Your Bed or Mine? Barbara Heath
21 Nov-1 Dec  Pawelka Maureen Aitken
30 Aug-8 Sep  Alf’s General Theory of Relativity Pat Liddell, Tony Tait
13-23 Jun A Night at the Races Barbara Heath, Caroline Stevenson
27 Apr-6 May Separate Tables Ross Miller
19-29 Jul The Blood of the Bambergs Barbara Heath
1-10 Dec Once Upon a Christmas June Christie, Kevin Day
14-23 Apr Cat On a Hot Tin Roof Maureen Aitken
14-23 Jul Fifty-Fifty Fae Johnson
28 Sep-8 Oct Bullshot Crummond Tony Tait
23 Nov-3 Dec Music Hall George Christie
2-11 Apr Rozencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead Jackie Jones
9-18 Jul The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Barbara Heath
11-21 Nov Colour My World  Sue Miller
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26 Mar-5 Apr Salad Days Sue Miller
19-28 Jun The Old Country John Jolliff
13-23 Aug Palace of Varieties Music Hall George Christie
19-29 Nov Ice Maureen Aitken
3-13 Apr Irma La Douce Sue Miller, Ross Miller
13-22 Jun Blood Wedding Burke Honey
22-31 Aug The Wide Open Cage Barbara Heath
31 Oct-9 Nov The Dresser Maureen Aitken
13-15 Dec Meanskin’s Magic Masquerade  June Christie
5-14 Apr The Hangman Barbara Heath
19-28 Jul The Ruling Class Maureen Aitken
19-29 Sep Music Hall George Christie
6-8 Dec Music Hall George Christie
20-30 Apr A Streetcar Named Desire Maureen Aitken
30 Jun-9 Jul Cop Shop Woody Horsfield
18-22 Aug That's Life Sue Miller, Ross Miller
28 Oct-5 Nov The Unvarnished Truth Dorothy-Anne Bonner
2-4 Dec The Pied Piper Veronica Allum
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15-24 Apr Under Milk Wood Maureen Aitken
24 Jun-3 Jul Hedda Gabler Fae Johnson
26 Aug-4 Sep The Living Room Des Swain
28 Oct-6 Nov Wind In the Branches of the Sassafras Barbara Heath
26-28 Nov The Tinder Box Veronica Allum
1-9 May Wanted: One Body Ross Miller
11-13 Jun An Evening with Chekov: The Proposal; The Bear Fae Johnson
31 Jul-8 Aug Music Hall, The 'Salon' George Christie
23-31 Oct Shotgun Wedding Barbara Heath
4-6 Dec Beauty and The Beast Veronica Allum, Maureen Aitken
10-19 Apr The Rape of The Belt Barbara Heath
7-16 Aug Flowering Cherry Max Pudney
? Aladdin  
31 Oct-1 Nov An Evening with Shakespeare:  
  - Romeo and Juliet Veronica Allum
  - MacBeth Fae Johnson
  - A Midsummer-Night's Dream Barbara Heath
  - The Merchant of Venice Barbara Matthewson
28-30 Nov Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Veronica Allum
13-22 Sep The Glass Menagerie Paul Barrett
17-30 Nov A Celebration of Music Hall Alan Farquhar
Aug-Sep George The Mad Ad Man Barbara Heath
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20-30 Apr Tom Jones Jean Crabtree
24-27 May Charley's Aunt Woody Horsfield, Miles Gustofson
26-28 Jul Four One Act Plays:  
  - No Why Paul Barrett, Mana Little Theatre
  - Tim, Tom & Jasmin Matthew Hudson, Tawa College Drama Club
  - The Pied Piper Ruth Delaney, Tawa College Drama Club
  - A Slight Accident Ian Gentleman, Kapiti Players
20-23 Sep First Return Barbara Heath
13 Oct Hi Jack, and The Will Lucille Cameron
2-16 Dec Star Charles Ellis
28-30 Apr Arms and The Man Barbara Heath
Jul Rhyme and Treason Barbara Heath
28 Sep-1 Oct The Ghost Train Dorothy-Anne Bonner
10-17 Dec Slenderella Charles Ellis
Apr The Crucible Jean Crabtree
2-5 Jun The Drunkard Woody Horsfield
Aug Salve Regina Barbara Heath
17-20 Nov Who Killed Santa Claus? Dorothy-Anne Bonner
21-24 May Only An Orphan Girl Woody Horsfield
6-8 Nov When The Bough Breaks Barbara Heath
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22-30 Mar Harlequinade Jenny Frost, Porirua Little Theatre
  The Trap Nancy de Louw, Tawa-Linden Drama Society
  Ritual For Dolls Barbara Heath, Mana Little Theatre
16-19 Oct She Stoops To Conquer Barbara Heath
9-11 Aug Every Other Evening Bob Paton
18-20 May Zero Inn Barbara Heath
24-26 Jun Halfway Up The Tree Barbara Heath
18-20 Nov The Real Inspector Hound Bob Paton
6-9 Apr The Caucasian Chalk Circle Stan Campbell
18-20 Jun The House of Bernarda Alba Judith Saywell
29-31 May The Lady's Not For Burning Barbara Heath
30 May-1 Jun Intent To Murder Barbara Matthewson
14 Sep Hiawatha; The Travelling Companion; Michael Junior Drama Group
Dec The Business of Good Government David James
25-27 May Billy Liar Peggy Thompson
1-4 Nov The Pohutukawa Tree Barbara Heath
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4-6 May For Better, For Worse Roy Sidebotham, Eileen Halliday
13-14 Jul A Change For The Worse Burke Honey, Man Little Theatre
  Fumed Oak Jenny Frost, Titahi Bay Little Theatre
  Murder At The Festival Elizabeth Gaunt, Tawa-Linden Drama Society
2-4 Nov The Wings of The Dove Eileen Halliday
26-28 May Therese Don Toms, Barbara Heath
20-22 Oct Our Town Helen Horlor
6-8 May The Shadow of Doubt Gwennyth Waite, John Batstone
3, 4, 6 Nov The Shifting Heart Peggy Thompson
12-14 Jun Your Obedient Servant Don Toms
16-18 Oct Love's A Luxury Peggy Thompson
2-4 May Two One-Act Plays:  
  - The Sky Is Overcast Peggy Thompson
  - A Phoenix Too Frequent Gwennyth Waite
31 Oct-2 Nov The Male Animal Burke Honey
16-18 Aug Pickle In Paradise Peggy Thompson
27-29 Jul Night Must Fall Don Toms
23-24 Jul Three One-Act Plays:  
  - The Hut Ray Brown
  - The Happy Journey Judith Saywell
  - The Laboratory Joan & Wilfred Brunt
14-15 Dec Fresh Fields Roma Delicate
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