Mrs Shakespeare, The Poet's Wife

by Avril Rowlands

18-28 Nov 2009

Mrs Shakespeare Poster Photo of Mr and Mrs Shakespeare Photo of Shakespeare Photo of Alice and Mrs Shakespeare


The play takes place between the late 1580s and 1616, in Stratford Upon Avon and London. Following Shakespeare’s funeral, Anne is left alone with her memories of their life together and a document signed by Will attesting that she was the true author! Through a series of flashbacks, there are glimpses of key moments in their love/hate relationship - their first meeting; Will’s failure as a playwright in London; Anne’s proposal that he pretend he wrote her plays (in those times educated women were regarded as witches); the overwhelming success of their deception; Anne’s growing envy for Will’s ‘success’ which should be hers; and finally, Will’s death.
Anne Hathaway Susan Lothian
Will Shakespeare Craig Haywood
Player 1: Mary (Will's mother), Alice (Anne's friend) Fiona Koning
Player 2: Richard Burbage (leading actor), Francis Collins (family lawyer) Ross Miller
Player 3: Fulk Sandall (Anne's father's friend), Puritan Preacher, Landlord Bruce Cannell
Player 4: John Shakespeare (Will's father), Sir Justice Smallwood Daniel Golding
Player 5: Anne's mother Genevieve Drake
Player 6 Peter Drew
Player 7 Tyler Cannell
Player 8 Wendy Leary
Player 9 Stephanie Drew
Player 10 Katy Martley
Director Sue Miller
Stage Manager Wendy Leary
Lights Cathrine West
Sound Gayle Carmichael
Wardrobe Sue Miller, assisted by Ross Miller, Wendy Leary, Susan Lothian, Kythie Morris, Gayle Carmichael.
Prompt Sue Mortimer
Set Sue and Ross Miller
Poster Artwork Ross Miller
Hair Janet Meyler
Box Office Pat Knight and helpers.
Front of House Robyn Proctor, Yvonne Fisher and helpers.

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