Men At Arms

by Terry Pratchett

6-16 April 2011

Men At Arms Poster Photo of play narrator Photo of clowns Photo of the city watch



The action takes place in the city of Ankh-Morpork - the oldest city on the Discworld. Its population includes humans, dwarfs, trolls, witches, wizards, and the undead - werewolves, vampires, ghouls, zombies.

The Patrician, a democratic dictator, continues to rule by manipulating the City Guilds, of which there are many - each representing a craft, including such diverse enterprises as Assassins, Thieves, and Fools. In our play someone has decided that the Patrician should be replaced by a King...

The City Watch, split into the Night Watch and the Day Watch are the city's policemen. At the request of the Patrician the humans in the Night Watch are augmented by a Troll, a Dwarf and a Werewolf, so that the City's "ethnic minorities" may be represented.

This story finds the Night Watch required to deal with a deadly threat which kills without compunction - the Discworld's first and only hand "Gonne" (gun).

Captain Samuel Vimes Warrick Procter
Sergeant Fred Colon Craig Haywood
Corporal Carrot Ironfoundersson Bruce Cannell
Corporal "Nobby" Nobbs Ross Miller
Lance-Constable Cuddy Duncan McDonald
Lance-Constable Detritus, Cornice-Overlooking-Broadway Larne Davies
Lance-Constable Angua Sally Ratchford
Captain Quirke, Edward d'Eath, Rust, Voice of The Gonne Peter Drew
Lord Vetinari, The Patrician Neil Rusling
Drumknott, Footnote #2, Morecombe, Selachi Kate Docherty
Dr Cruces Bill Robinson
Downey, Extra Josh Symonds
Dr Whiteface Stephanie Drew
Beano/Boffo, The Werewolf Tabatha Atoa-Jakobs
Footnote Paulette McIndoe
Lady Sybil Ramkin Sue Mortimer
Death Neil Rusling
Hammerhock, Cornice-Overlooking-Broadway, Extra Baxter Cannell
Leonard of Quirm, Skater Lafaele Vaeluaga
A Servant, Extra Ben Ratchford
Director Tony Tait
Assistant Director (& gopher) Julia Tait
Stage Manager Wendy Leary
Lights Pat Liddell
Sound Mike Diamond
Wardrobe Sue Miller, Kythie Morris
Props Ingrid Hewetson, Stephanie Drew
Set Ross Miller, John Wilce, Roman Ilovsky
Poster Artwork Cliff Thomas
Front of House Maureen Aitken & helpers
Publicity Brian Mosen & helpers
Photos Geoff Marshall
Bookings and House Manager Pat Knight


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