Lettice and Lovage

by Peter Shaffer

17-27 Jun 2009

Lettice and Lovage Poster
Daughter of an actress who toured with an all-female company playing Shakespeare's plays, Lettice has inherited both theatricality and eccentricity. Now employed as a tourist guide in a shabby stately home, she enlivens its dull history with her own over-imaginative fantasies, until she is caught in the act and promptly sacked. She is later visited by the starchy Preservation Trust offical who fired her, and an unlikely friendship develops between the two.
Miss Lettice Douffet Katherine Reed
Miss Charlotte Schoen Pat Knight
Miss Framer Sonia Enoka
Mr Bardolph John Jolliff
A Surly Man Brian Wesley-Smith
Alice Evans Douffet Virginia Earle
Tourists Denis, Sheena, Brian, Mary, Sonia, Kythie, Beverly and assorted extras.
Director Maureen Aitken
Stage Manager John Wilce
Lights Patricia Liddell
Sound Rob Bryson
Wardrobe Kythie Morris
Prompt Beverly Fairfax
Front of House Cheryll Shoesmith
Publicity Stephanie Drew
Bookings Pat Liddell
Poster Cliff Thomas
Photos Geoff Marshall

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