Ladyhouse Blues

by Kevin O'Morrison

11-21 May 2005


St. Louis, 1919. America is about to lose its innocence with industrial unrest, human rights and the Roaring 20s. Set over a couple of hot, airless days – stir-crazy weather - Ladyhouse Blues is a moving portrait of an age. From down the road the evangelical meeting intrudes on the ear. Out on the street the vegetable and fruit vendors sing the virtues of their wares.

The story revolves around Liz Madden. Widowed at a young age and forced to move off the hardscrabble family farm, she brought her daughters and son to St. Louis. It is years later now and her son is in the Navy. The war has just ended and she expects him home any day. The four Madden daughters, each with a story, wait with her.

The issues of the times are explored. The play takes us through several topical issues of the times: anti-German sentiment, religious prejudice, careers for women, anything that’s not American is sinful, industrial unrest, and with two teenagers in the house - what is sex like?

Helen Frances Hunter
Eylie Danielle Bradley
Dot Catherine Scott
Liz Sally Ratchford
Terry Rachel Jankins
Street vendors etc. Maureen Aitken, Ralph Lambert, Minnie Locke, Ross Miller, the cast.
Theme song Marg Layton
Director Ross Miller
Stage Manager Franc Philips
Wardrobe Sue Miller
Props Minnie Locke
Lights Cathrine West
Sound Peter Drew
Prompt Stephanie Drew
Set Ross Miller and Franc Philips
Front of House Wendy Leary
Artwork Cliff Thomas

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