Ladies Who Lunch

by Tudor Gates

17-27 Nov 2004


Wives of three of the world's richest men meet for lunch to do charity work, but then decide to use inside information from the unwitting husbands so they can play the stock market.

Dowager Duchess, Mary Wendy Leary
Lady Amelia Sasson Fiona Koning
Joane Stocks Sue Knipping
Rachel Milchan Tanisha Fearon
Sir John Sasson Tony Tait
BBC Reporter, Gerry Sasson, Bonnie Naomi Walbran
Harry Milchan Richard Kelly
Ken Stocks Colin Bleasdale
BBC Reporter, D.L.Wallis Gayle Carmichael
Director Ross Miller
Stage Manager Wendy Leary
Wardrobe Sue Miller & Robyn Procter
Design Cliff Thomas & Ross Miller
Props Yvonne Fisher
Lights Cathrine West
Sound Rebecca Kelly
Prompt Stephanie Drew
Set Ross Miller & George Hughes
Artwork Jeffrey Koning
Hairdresser Janet Meyler
Front of House Paulette McIndoe
House Manager Pat Knight

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