Imaginary Lines

by Reggie Oliver

23 Jun - 3 Jul 2010

Imaginary Lines Poster Wanda and Howard on the sofa Olga, Michael and Carol  


A delightful English comedy where imagined conversations are often far more successful that the real thing. Wanda takes things Very Seriously Indeed, most especially Herself, but is also a matchmaker, idealist and dreamer. The two men in her life are driven to distraction by her and her friends are constantly frustrated as she moves between reality and her imagination of how she would like life to be.
Howard Hayden Rogers
Wanda Genevieve Drake
Olga Burlap Sue Mortimer
Sir Michael Thurston Bill Robinson
Carol Paulette McIndoe
Director Stephanie Drew
Stage Manager Peter Drew
Set Construction Ross Miller
Lighting and Sound Rob Bryson
Wardrobe Gayle Carmichael
Prompt Beverly Fairfax
Props Lucy Moore
Front of House Maureen Aitken
Publicity Stephanie Drew
Bookings Sue Miller
Photos Ross Miller

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