by Maureen Aitken

Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"

19 - 29 November 1986




The story concerns a girl - Gerda, and a boy - Kay who live in a small village. Kay is spirited away by the powerful Snow Queen, and made captive in her palace in the frozen North. Gerda searches the wide world for him, and has many adventures. She is constantly threatened by the evil Rorrim, the Mirrormaster, and his wicked imps. Rorrim finally meets his match in a dramatic confrontation with the Snow Queen. This leaves Gerda free to fight her way through icy blizzards to her journey's end...

Rorrim the Repulsive (the Mirrormaster) Warrick Procter
Scunge (a little devil) Sonia Enoka
Whinge (another little devil) Anne Harrington
Grandmother Tony Tait
Gerda Janine Edwards
Kay Robin McLennan
Snow Queen Veronica Allum
Majolica Sandy Hastings
Crow Kevin Day
Robber Man Colin Bleasdale
Robber Woman Barbara Heath
Robber Girl Sandy Hastings
Reindeer Joe Conway
Lotta (The Lapp Woman) Barbara Heath
Kovic (The Finn Man) Colin Bleasdale
Villagers Joe Conway, Colin Bleasdale, Barbara Heath
Dancers Colleen Hilliard, Joanne Fisk, Joanna Gould
Musicians Kevin Clark, Denis Quaintance, Maurice Phillips
Director Maureen Aitken
Stage Manager Rob Bryson
Musical Director Kevin Clark
Backstage Crew John Jolliff, John Wilce
Props June Christie, Liz Beattie-Day
Prompt Sue Miller
Wardrobe Judy Wilce, Kythie Morris
Set Design & Painting Eric Heath
Lighting Burke Honey
Sound Michael Christie
Photographer Geoff Marshall
Poster/Programme Design Eric Heath
House Manager George Christie
Front of House Lyn Hughes
Publicity Pat Liddell
Bookings Brigitte Hoskins
Specials Designer Kathy Barry


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