by Roger Hall

14-23 July 1988




George, 54, cannot understand why his wife left him. She offered him no real explanation and, in his terms, he had always treated her decently. The play looks at the problems of redundancy and unemployment, and by the end we may more fully understand the wife's decision. Roger Hall has gone back to Mother England for the setting of his new play, but the issues he raises concern families in every western society. The play's central figure, is the victim of middle age spread. He is also the victim of that redundancy which threatens the world of "Glide Time". So "Fifty-fifty", though a comedy, is not without its sober side. In fact, as the title implies, dramatic loyalties are here divided between the accurate and at time tragic portrayal of life, and the constant flow of comic observations we have become accustomed to expect from Roger Hall.

George John Govier
Sarah Bev Alexander
Michael Peter Monk
Barbara Judith Kelly
Tony Bob Cheeseman
Director Fae Johnson
Stage Manager John Wilce
Prompt Gillian Coote
Lighting Lucy Conway
Sound Ross Miller
Props Sue Miller
Wardrobe Ann Bryson & Sue Miller
Publicity Maureen Aitken
Photographer Geoff Marshall
Poster Christian Kelly
Bookings Judy Wilce
Front of House Pat Lidell
House Manager George Christie
Moorcroft Pieces Judy Wilce

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