Blood Of The Lamb

by Bruce Mason

30 June - 10 July 1993




The Court Theatre, Christchurch (New Zealand), commissioned a play for three women actors. 'No men at all?' pleaded Bruce Mason. 'No, not one' came the reply from the theatre's Artistic Director. Mason played with several ideas, when quite by chance, he heard of a lesbian couple with a child - the mother of the child still dressed as a man. This proved to be the seed from which BLOOD OF THE LAMB grew. The result was an immediate and overwhelming success.

'Henry' Higginson Virginia Earle
Eliza Doolittle Higginson Pat Liddell
Victoria Higginson Joanne Brown
Director Maureen Aitken
Stage Manager John Wilce
Prompt Mary Mullane
Props Mary Booth
Wardrobe Judy Wilce, Kythie Morris
Set Construction Ross Miller, John Wilce, Des Smith
Lighting Justin Beaver
Sound John Jolliff
Photographer Geoff Marshall
Poster/Programme Design Eric Heath
House Manager Julia Tait
Front of House Cheryll Shoesmith
Publicity Julia Tait
Bookings Ross and Sue Miller


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