A Piece of My Heart

by Shirley Lauro

29 Mar - 8 Apr 2006



“A Piece of My Heart” tells the inspiring true stories of courageous women who served in Vietnam and their heart-wrenching struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them and the nation that shunned them. The drama centres on a career Army woman, an American Red Cross volunteer, a Navy nurse, two Army nurses, an entertainer, and the men who surrounded them. Told in flash-back, the play moves through a 20 year period from the time they are sent to Vietnam, follows their obstacles and triumphs after returning home, and the eventual recognition of Vietnam veterans with a ceremony at the Memorial Wall in Washington.
Martha Sally Ratchford
Mary-Jo Fiona McLeod
Sissy Rachel Neilson
Whitney Cathrine West
Steele Sue Knipping
Leeann Pamela Lockwood
Men Tony Burns
Director Sue Miller
Stage Manager Wendy Leary
Lights Ross Miller
Sound Rob Bryson
Prompt Minnie Locke
Set Sue Miller, Ross Miller, Rob Bryson
Front of House Gayle Carmichael
Artwork Cliff Thomas


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