Under Milk Wood a play for voices by Dylan Thomas

Directed by Maureen Aitken

6th - 16 April 2016

A message from Maureen (Maus)

I make no excuses for wanting to perform the hat trick of this wonderful play. It is truly worthy of re-visiting and hopefully will introduce a whole new generation to all the delights it has to offer. First introduced to our theatre in 1982, then 1999, and now to be show-cased in 2016 - I view it as an accolade to the stalwart souls who have built up our theatre over fifty plus years. It is part of our celebration of our delightfully re-configured space. For those of you who are as yet unaware of the plot (such as it is), the story goes... well actually it is a peek into the lives of a crazy little Welsh village called Llareggub (try saying it backwards), over a period of 24 hours. There's a multitude of colourful characters of all ages - each one totally unforgettable! The plan is to have about six men and six women of varied ages from teen to tottering - take your pick! But each actor, except for Captain Cat (the old retired Sea Captain), will do several roles.


Casting for the following roles:

Under Milk Wood a play for voices by Dylan Thomas directed by Maureen Aitken.

Under Milk Wood written by Dylan Thomas. "An omniscient narrator invites the audience to listen to the dreams and innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of a fictional small Welsh fishing village Llareggub ("bugger all" backwards). They include Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, relentlessly nagging her two dead husbands; Captain Cat reliving his seafaring times; the two Mrs Dai Breads; Organ Morgan, obsessed with his music; and Polly Garter, pining for her dead lover. Later, the town awakens and, aware now of how their feelings affect whatever they do, we watch them go about their daily business."

Directed by Maureen Aitken.

Alastair Smith - Evans the Death, Organ Morgan, Mr Willy Nilly, Mr Pugh, Dai Bread, Lord Gut-Glass, Second Drowned.
Barbara Smith - Mrs Organ Morgan, Mrs Beynon, Mrs Pugh, Mrs Dai Bread One, Mother of Mr Waldo.
Ben Ratchford - Mr Pritchard, Utah Watkins, Sinbad sailors, Nogood Boyo, Third Drowned, Fisherman.
Beverly Fairfax - Second voice.
Bill Robinson - Mr Waldo, Ocky Milkman, Mr Cherry Owen, Rev Eli Jenkins, Fourth Drowned.
Billy Murrell - Fifth Drowned, Little Boy, Naughty Boy, Little Boy Waldo.
Bruce Cannell - Mr Mog Edwards, Jack Black, Mr Ogmore, Police Constable Attila Rees, Butcher Beynon, First Drowned, Preacher.
Des Wilson - The Guide Book.
Dorothy Mitchell - Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Mrs Willy Nilly, Mary Ann Sailors, First Neighbour, First Woman.
Fran Forrest - Rosie Probert, Mr Waldo's wife, Mrs Cherry Owen.
John Jolliff - Captain Cat.
Linda Murrell - Bessie Bighead, Mrs Dai Bread Two, Polly Garter, Third Neighbour, Third Woman.
Piper Cannell - Mae Rose Cottage, Lily Smalls, Gwennie (a child), Fourth Neighbour, Fourth Woman, Little Girl, Maggie Richards.
Tegan McIndoe - Myfanwy Price, Gossamer Beynon, Second Neighbour, Second Woman.
Various - Billy, Johnny Cristo, Dicky.
Virginia Earle - First voice.

Production information Posted later Crew
Director Maureen Aitken
Stage Managers
Lighting design
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Set design
Set building
Set painting
Front of House
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to those who have loaned various props and floor rugs for use in this production, and to Barbara Hefford for her painting.

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