Ugly Customers by Joseph Musaphia

Directed by Gary Hollier

26 November - 6 December 2014

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This page is currently being updated. Stay tuned. To say that this play is about a young woman with learning difficulties, ice-skating in her front room, would be to merely brush over the surface. "It is a comedy about revelation - all the characters transform into better versions of themselves. And like all good comedies - you are laughing one minute, and wondering why you are laughing the next."
Cast in order of appearance (in progress)
Lady Isadora Pollock Sally Ratchford
Count Puchlik of Puszczykowo Chris Balm
Colonel Charles Craddock Gary Hollier
Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington Frances Hunter
Cynthia Maple Sue Mortimer
Cardew Longfellow Gary Hollier
Inspector Pratt Craig Haywood
Lily Tuthill Georgia McLeod
Martha Armstrong Dawn Hall
Nurse Anne Parsley Hancey Koning
Director Stephanie Drew
Stage Managers Sheena Hurn, Tamas Molnar
Props Tracy Schmidt
Lighting design Alan de la Mare
Lighting operator Ben Ratchford
Sound Ben Forrest
Wardrobe Sue Miller, Gayle Carmichael
Prompt Fran Forrest
Set design Stephanie Drew
Set building Colin Clemens, John Wilce
Set painting Stephanie Drew, Sue Mortimer
Front of House Fiona Popert, Paulette McIndoe and helpers
Bookings Beverly Fairfax
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to those who have loaned various props and floor rugs for use in this production, and to Barbara Hefford for her painting.

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