Season's Greetings by Alan Ackbourn

Directed by Sue Mortimer

Performance dates: Wednesday 18th Nov - Saturday 21st Nov
Matinee Sunday 22nd Nov6th
Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th


It would seem that nothing is as funny as other people's unhappiness (Samuel Beckett) and this is certainly true of 'Season's Greetings'!

One of Alan Ayckbourn's best known and popular comedies - this is the stuff of Christmas nightmares! Put together an extended family and friends with assorted children, all grimly determined to have 'fun'. Now add a stranger and you have a recipe for disaster. There is bound to be at least one character you will recognise - the tool-shed husband and his increasingly disillusioned wife, the pregnant young mother with her useless husband, the incompetent (but well-meaning) doctor with his alcoholic wife, the psychopathic uncle, the frigid spinster and her 'boyfriend' (a successful author who attracts women like flies around the Christmas pudding).

Highlights include a hilariously incompetent puppet show, shenanigans under the Christmas tree and a walking arsenal of an uncle. This all takes place in the home of Neville & Belinda Bunker.

Harvey - Bill Robinson - Neville's uncle.
Belinda Bunker - Paulette McIndoe - the lady of the house. 30s/402 - has young children. Very organised and increasingly fed up with Neville's seeming lack of interest in her. This is a lead role.
Neville Bunker - Craig Davidson - Belinda's husband. 30s/40s. Likes messing around with mechanical/electrical things.
Dr Bernard Longstaff - Chris Davidson - 30s/40s/50s but could be older. A useless doctor who can't even tell if someone is dead. An ineffectual man with the worst puppet show on earth.
Phyllis Longstaff - Paula Gardyne - married to Bernard so needs to be age appropriate. A walking disaster of a woman, a mass of ailments and anxieties. A smaller role.
Eddie - Symon Choveaux - 30s/40s. Friend of Neville's and used to work for him. Failing in business. Absent as a father and therefore his relationship is strained with his wife.
Pattie - Lucy Moore - 30s/40s. Married to Eddie. Seven months pregnant and very tired of doing all the parenting. A smaller role.
Billy - Billy Murrell - Belinda & Neville's son.
Rachel - Marion Rosner - older than Belinda. Belinda's sister. Sexually hung up. Invites a male friend for Christmas with disastrous results.
Clive - Damian Reid - 30s/40s/50s - a writer. Charming. Invited by Rachel to spend Christmas with the family and falls for her sister, Belinda.

Production information Posted later Crew
Director Sue Mortimer
Stage Managers
Lighting design
Lighting operator
Set design
Set building
Set painting
Front of House
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to those who have loaned various props and floor rugs for use in this production, and to Barbara Hefford for her painting.

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