Misconceptions by David Lewis

Directed by Damian Reid

Auditions Sunday 28 June 2015 10am to 12pm

Performance dates Wednesday 2nd - Saturday 5th
Matinee Sunday 6th
Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th

Photos by Ditha and Jacob from Silver Duck. (iPad users please click here to view slideshow.)


University biology lecturer Matthew and his wife Linda are the perfect professional couple with the perfect home: successful, prosperous and happy with their lives together. True they have been attempting to conceive a baby for years without success, which has placed great strains on their marriage and sure they've had their problems like everyone else but those are safely behind them. Right?

Despite Linda's initial reluctance, Matthew convinces her to enlist the help of a mutual friend (Barry) for a bit of DIY artificial insemination, leading to unexpected and often hilarious results as the myths surrounding infertility and human sexuality collide. However, what is the image on the strange fax that Linda receives? What's the real purpose of loveable Barry's regular, but unsettling, visits? Who is interfering with the blackberries from the freezer? Why does Matthew dress as Ratty from the Wind in the Willows? Who is Zoe? Does she really have wings? And what killed the Okapi in Copenhagen zoo? David Lewis' virtuoso new comedy, by turns hilarious and heart-breaking, straight-talking and surreal, cuts a breath taking anarchic swathe through the way we live our lives today.

To register your interest please email MisconceptionsMLT@gmail.com with your name, the roles you are interested in and a little about yourself. Feel free to attach a resume and recent photograph.

Auditions will be sections of the play and we will be mixing and matching combinations. Feel free to bring something along that you've prepared earlier if you want an audition piece that showcases your talent.

Remember not being cast is often nothing to do with how good you are but can be dictated by the other casting.


Casting for the following roles:

Matthew Stage age late 30's early 40's. A university biology lecturer. Very intelligent a little vain but charismatic. Needs to be a strong actor this is a true lead role.
Linda Stage age mid 30's cannot look older than 35. A professional who is in total control at work but her personal life is more "complicated". She is a passionate person. Needs to be a strong actress as there are some very emotional moments for this character.
Barry Stage age mid 30's or a young early 40's. A nice guy not too handsome but by no means unappealing.
Zoe Stage age early 20's student of Matthew's. The type of woman who is attracted to confident intelligent men. Confident and a little sassy.
Production information Posted later Crew
Director Damian Reid
Stage Managers
Lighting design
Lighting operator
Set design
Set building
Set painting
Front of House
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to those who have loaned various props and floor rugs for use in this production, and to Barbara Hefford for her painting.

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