The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin, Jnr

Directed by Sue Mortimer

24 June 2015 - 4 July 2015


Macbeth as you have never seen it before! This time your favourite Farndale characters, Mrs Reece (the leader of the ladies), Thelma (the wannabe leader), and young Felicty are joined by Minnie & Kate. It would seem only Felicity really knows what she is supposed to be doing and even she's suspect!

This will bring tears to your eyes as the ladies valiantly attempt to overcome set, sound and light failures. The Producer loses what's left of his hair as he realises they can't act! The stagehand, Henry, has to take on the role of Lady Macbeth when one member of the cast gets on the wrong bus and all of this in front of the Adjudicator!

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Cast (In order of appearance)
Mrs Reece (playing Lady Macduff; Doctor) Fiona Popert
Gwyneth Inka Vogt
Henry (playing Lady Macbeth; 8 Kings) Chris Balm
George Peach Gary Hollier
Felicity (playing 2nd Witch; Seyton; 1st Murderer; Malcolm; Gentlewoman) Jayda McIndoe
Kate (playing 3rd Witch; Macduff; Messenger) Irene Swadling
Dawn (playing 1st Witch; Porter; 2nd Murderer; Duncan; Fleance) Anita Vogt
Minnie (playing Banquo; Lady Macduff's Son) Sally Ratchford
Thelma (playing Macbeth; Ross) Yvonne Fisher
Plummer (playing 8 Kings; Macbeth) Bill Robinson
Director Sue Mortimer
Wardrobe Sue Miller, Kythie Morris and Gayle Carmichael
Stage Manager Bruce Cannell
Backstage Crew Jacob Cannell and Alex Wordsworth
Publicity Sue Mortimer and Fran Forrest
Lighting Alan De La Mare
Sound Engineer Ben Forrest and Matt Oliver
Photography Geoff Marshall
Script Prompt Sandy Werner
Set Creation/Design John Wilce
Set painting Sue Mortimer
Ticket Booking Sally Tunley
Poster Design Stephanie Drew
Front of House Barbara Smith and Helpers
Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful and patient partners and family of all cast and crew involved in this production. Another special thank you to our patrons, Kapi Mana News, Harcourts, Flying Colours, Topor Bistro and Bar in Plimmerton, Red Hackle Pipe Band and Wheelers Guardian Funeral Home. The continued support of these (and so many other) people allow Mana Little Theatre to bring you these wonderful plays.
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre.

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