Death by Fatal Murder

Directed by Bruce Cannell

Wednesday 9th - Saturday 19th November


Performance dates: Wednesday 9th - Saturday 19th November

Summary: This is the second of the "Inspector Pratt" trilogy of spoofs to be presented by MLT. Inspector Pratt's record of crime detection at Bagshot House is not enviable. In his previous visit the body count mounted disastrously as he looked on, helpless and hopeless. Now he's back and, as usual, chaos reigns supreme!

Now, a police constable is missing, and the bumbling, incompetent Inspector is back to investigate the mysteriously mysterious mystery in this Agatha Christie spoof.

Soon he is embroiled in more mystery, and is aided and abetted by local amateur sleuth Miss Maple. He meets up with the new owner of Bagshot House, Nancy Allwright, and his sidekick, Constable Thomkins. The upper-crust Virginia (Ginny) Farquhar and Italian Enzo Garibaldi assist with enquiries, but danger soon looms with the unexpected arrival of Nancy's missing husband, Squadron Leader 'Stiffy' Allwright. Welsh busybody and clairvoyant Blodwyn Morgan proceeds to create further mayhem with her somewhat suspect seance.

The cast line up:

Craig Haywood - Inspector Pratt
Jacob Cannell - Constable Thomkins
Chris Davidson - Squadron Leader "Stiffy" Allwright
Chris Balm - Enzo Garibaldi
Marion Rosner - Blodwyn Morgan
Paulette McIndoe - Miss Maple
Susannah Donovan - Nancy Allwright
Piri Te Rure - Ginny Farquhar

  Production information Posted later Crew Director Bruce Cannell Stage Managers Props Lighting design Lighting operator Sound Wardrobe Prompt Set design Set building Set painting Front of House Bookings
Thanks to Harcourts for their sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to those who have loaned various props and floor rugs for use in this production, and to Barbara Hefford for her painting.

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