Alice - adapted from Lewis Carroll's books

Adapted and directed by Sue Mortimer and Stephanie Drew

16 April - 3 May 2014

No rabbits, mice, cats, possums, hedgehogs or other wildlife have been hurt in the performance of this play. "Alice! Alice! Whatever is the matter with you?... You really must not eat anything Jack bakes! Talking of cakes - come on, it's the Sevens at the Cake Tin..."
Alice Lucy Hughes
Judith Frances Hunter
Jack / White Rabbit Keeghan McGarry
Ministry Mouse Kiri Koning
Sevens Hobbits Georgia McLeod, Tegan McIndoe, Sarah Gulley
Sevens Nun Matthew Beddow
Caterpillar (Nandor Tanchos) Fiona Popert
Duchess (Paula Bennett) Jessica Langan
Cook (Hekia Parata) Kiri Koning
Cheshire Cat (Winston Peters) Sarah Gulley
Farmer Gareth (Gareth Morgan) Peter Drew
Mad Hatter (John Key) Chris Balm
Hare (John Banks) Bruce Cannell
Possum (Russell Norman) Jayda McIndoe
Gardeners Georgia McLeod, Tegan McIndoe, Jayda McIndoe
Queen of Hearts (Judith Collins) Frances Hunter
King of Hearts (David Shearer) Matthew Beddow
Knave of Hearts (David Cunliffe) Alyssa Chaney
Executioner Kiri Koning
Soldier Fiona Popert
Tiger Lily Jessica Langan
Rose Georgia McLeod
Daisies Tegan McIndoe, Jayda McIndoe
Violet Sarah Gulley
Knights Matthew Beddow, Alyssa Chaney
Red Queen (Helen Clark) Fiona Popert
Tweedledumb (Hone Harawira) Chris Balm
Tweedledumber (Trevor Mallard) Bruce Cannell
White Queen (Tariana Turia) Barbara Smith
Humpty Dumpty (Peter Dunne) Peter Drew
Judge Matthew Beddow
Directors Sue Mortimer, Stephanie Drew
Stage Managers Sue Knipping, Paulette McIndoe
Props Maud Campbell, Sheena Hurn, Fran Forrest
Lighting design Alan de la Mare
Lighting operation Ruby Moore
Sound design Lafaele Vaeluaga
Sound operation Lafaele Vaeluaga, Ben Forrest
Cinematography Andy Mortimer
Wardrobe Sue Miller, Gayle Carmichael
Rehearsal Prompt Sandy Werner
Set design Stephanie Drew
Set building John Wilce, Colin Clemens
Set painting Stephanie Drew, Sue Mortimer, Maude Campbell, Ingrid Hewetson
Crew Bill Robinson, Josh Brown, Colin Clemens, Caroline Armstrong
Front of House Maureen Aitken
Bookings Stephanie Drew
Thanks to Leaders for their support and sponsorship of Mana Little Theatre. Thanks also to Spinnaker Toastmasters for the loan of their dataprojector; and to the Plimmerton Croquet Club for the loan of croquet mallets (as it is currently the off season for flamingoes).

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